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Here you'll find information about the people who make up Virginia Mock Trial, including current competitors, coaches and advisors, and program alumni. Tryouts are held at the beginning of the school year each fall. If you're interested in becoming a member of our program, please visit the Join page.

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Dan Peale

Executive Vice-President

Raahema Durrani

Vice-President of Administration

Kevin Baker


James Orr

Tournament Director

Indiyah Mabry

Neah Lekan
Hometown:Irvine, California
Class Of:2022

Neah is a second-year from Orange County, California. After competing in high school, he chose to continue Mock Trial in college and has thus far found it to be a defining and rewarding decision in the context of his college experience. In the words of a VaMT All-American, he loves it like he loves Monticello, which is a lot.

When not competing, Neah is a writer of poetry, screenplays, and a variety of other projects as well as a play-by-play commentator and freelancer for the ACC Network. He has also nearly memorized every line of dialogue in the first four seasons of The West Wing and is a devotee of all things historical and literary.

Neah writes and produces his own podcast on the American Founding, cleverly titled "The American Founding," where he showcases his civic pride and passion. He is Thomas Jefferson's unabashed #1 fan, and is also intensely interested in the Classics. A self-professed romantic, Neah enjoys classic films, art, sports, sunsets, and more, all simultaneously.

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